Rates & Fees



GCT to be added unless otherwise stated



v  Bill of Sale

v  $10,000.00  (GCT included ) Plus  Managers cheque $375

v  Legal Mortgage

v  1% Under $5M & .75% Above $5M Plus (Managers cheque $375)

v  Title & Caveat Search

v  $1,000.00 Plus NLA   Charges

v  Noting Interest on Insurance

v  $1,000.00 Plus  Insurance Charges

v  EGOV Search for Car Documents (If not provided annually by member)

v  $1,000.00

v  Pledging of Shares

v  $1,500.00   Plus Brokers charges

v  Assignment of life Policy/Creditor life

v  $1,000.00 Plus  Insurance Co. charges

v  Release of Assignment of Life Policy

v  $1,000.00 Plus Insurance Co Charges

v  Requesting Life Policy for Withdrawal

v  $1,000.00

v  Commitment Fee for Loans Fully Cash Secured @ CU

v  $4,000.00

Loans up to $999,999.99

v  2%  (Minimum $4,000.00)

Loans $1M and over

v  1.75%

v  Loan Refinancing

v  1% (Minimum $4,000.00) After 1 year

v  Pay Day Loans

v  Minimum $1,500.00 or 7.5% Whichever is greater

v  Status Letter

v  $850.00

v  Statement Request

v  $1,000.00

v  Embassy Letter

v  $1,000.00

v  Credit Report

v  1,500.00

v  Credit Bureau Report

v  $1,933.00 (G.C.T. included)

v  To Enter Satisfaction of Bill of Sale

v  $1,500.00 Plus (NSPPA & MGRS CHQ $875.00)

v  Letter of Undertaking (without a loan)

v  $5,000.00

v  To prepare discharge (COT)

v  $3,000.00 Plus (NLA $1,000.00 & MGRS CHQ $375.00)

v  Letter to Borrow Title

v  $1,000 Plus (1st Mortgagee fee)

v  Lending out of Title

v  $1,500.00

v  Photocopying for Members

v  $100.00 per page

v  FIP Death Claim Processing

v  $500.00

v  Standing Order

v  $100.00 (G.C.T. included)

v  EGOV Search (TRN & DL

v  $200.00

v  Managers Cheque Requested by members

v  $500.00

v  Research Charge

v  $900.00 1st hour & $600.00 after

v  Delinquency Notice/Reminder Letter

v  $250.00

v  Phone Calls to Delinquent Members

v  $200.00

v  Internal Withdrawal (1 free per month)

v  $100.00

v  Letter of Hypothecation

v  $2,500.00

v  Closed Account (before 6 months)

v  $500.00

v  Replacement/Duplicate cheque

v  $250.00

v  Returned Cheque

v  $250.00 Plus (Bank charges)

v  Late payment

v  $500.00 per day

v  Stop payment/Cancellation of cheque

v  $250.00 Plus (Bank charges)

v  Emergency withdrawal

v  $200.00

v  Telegraphic Transfer

v  $1,000.00 Plus (Bank charges)

v  RTGS Transaction

v  $500.00 Plus (Bank Charges)

v  Regular Loans Compulsory savings

v  $4,000.00 monthly

v  Pay Day Loans Compulsory Savings

v  $2,000.00

v  Unsecured Pensioners Loans compulsory Savings

v  5% of loan amount divided by 12

(Minimum $4,000.00)